We have the capability to not only supply Iiris Halogenerators, but to create, build and construct beautiful salt rooms and cabins to suit any budget.

If you are considering setting up a salt therapy facility as either a business or for private use, here are some of the options we can offer you.

Supply Only
  • Natural Salt Therapy is the exclusive distributor for Iiris Halogenerators
    in the UK & Ireland.
  • Iiris Halogenerators have been designed and manufactured in Estonia since 1998 and are in operation world wide. All the Halogenerators come with a 2 year warranty as well as support from ourselves at Natural Salt Therapy
  • Please see our Products for Halogenerator details
Salt Room Construction
  • Advice and guidance on the proposed location you have chosen for your salt room. We can give you the benefit of our experience in building and running your salt room – this advice is totally free
  • Design of your salt room – given a brief, we can design your new salt room for an agreed fee. We can provide you with design options and choices of materials that maybe you hadn’t considered to ensure your salt room is fully compliant with the dry salt aerosol.
  • Construction - We will pledge to work within your budget and deliver you a range of choices from layout to materials and finishes. Our own dedicated team of builders will ensure that whether it’s a traditional salt cave finish or a sleek and modern feel you want, we will make it happen on time and on budget

Our Halogenerator Range

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Get in touch with our team to see how we can either provide pricing for a Halogenerator or to request more information about our salt room construction.

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Our Clients Know Best

"Can't thank Sylvia Darragh from Natural Salt Therapy Ltd enough for her help and support buying my Halogenerator Iiris - 137. She was able to help guide me through the different models and help me choose the best machine and environment for me, with consideration for finances. Sylvia has been a great and comforting presence when taking the leap into the unknown. She has not been a hard salesperson, but an informed guide who has allowed me to steer and pace the process to my own speed. The product is satisfyingly effective, easy to work, and I feel confident it will prove as good as any salt therapy I have previously experienced. I would highly recommend both Sylvia and the Halogenerator Iiris - 137."
Val Fuller
"My name is Martin Murphy and I got a bad flu a number of weeks ago which ended up having to go on a course of antibiotics to stop my chest infection getting worse as I could not fight it on my own so in the end of the antibiotics I visited the salt clinic and purchased 3 one hour sessions to speed up my recovery as I dont like taking tablets unless I really have to, so I got great relieve from using the salt clinic which has speed up my recovery, I would highly recommend using salt clinic."
Martin Murphy
"I know the salt therapy from back at home when I was often using it for sinusitis pain. When moved to London and had my children I was looking for opportunities to find salt therapy. I had limited space in our property so I started looking for alternative to a salt cave. This is how I found Sylvia and her company. She introduced me to the idea of salt cabin which was later installed in our garage. Once installed we started using it every day. So far I have no problem with sinusitis, my son does not have any ear pain or ear infection and my husband sense of smell has come back. Generally we are all in good health since the installation 4 week ago"
Beata & Gerd